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A place to Claim Viggo Mortensen

A perv's paradise

Viggo Claims
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*Suject to change as still working it out*

I am your moderator and owner jack4will and co moderator is cynegyth

Sister site to karlurbanclaims, orlando_claims, bana_claims and to another community I co mod seanbean_claims and also daisy_claims which for the loveable David Wenham.

Claims will be divided into eleven categories:

1: Viggo Mortensen characters
2: Quotes
3: Scenes
4: Physical bits of Viggo
5: Personality bits of Viggo
6: Physical bits of characters
7: Items
8: Personal Items aka clothing etc
9: Friendships
10: Picture Claims
11: Claims from interviews

If ya think of anything else then mention it!

Only three people can claim any particualar item as otherwise this would go crazy. But you can claim as many items as you like!
The mods's claims do not count against the three claim per thing.

The Rules!

1: NO FLAMING! Ya get one warning... then you're gone.
2: Put pics behind a Lj cut and warn if they're not worksafe
3: No Hotlinking or stealing things without permission
4: When claiming a quote and a scene please include from who said the quote and what movie and for scenes say who it was and what movie. Thank you!
5: Got any problems then come to me. Don't start an argument on the Comm!
6: For picture claims, Just make a post and PLEASE put it under a LJ cut. Please put the name of the charactor he's portraying (if any) and where the picture was taken. (If you know)also label it if not work safe.

Thanks all for now you Have your Orders lol

If you wanna create Banners then by all means do carry on. Perhaps it would be cool for you to post them here so we can all share them!

If you're gonna be a Perv then I say why cover it up?! lol Perving is healthy.

Now get claiming!!!